Union Special Bread

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Each week we offer a variety of Union Special sourdough breads. Each is of outstanding quality, and a perfect everyday bread. Avocado toast, hummus vessel, sandwich container. They’re all perfect. Classic sourdough, and miche are all large loaves, while the baguette is about the size you would expect a baguette to be.


Baguette $4.25

  • Sourdough baguette from Union Special bread in Raleigh. Open crumb and well seasoned with a chewy crust.
  • Contains gluten

Sourdough $8.25

  • Union's signature loaf. A very fine and hefty sourdough bread.

Miche Pan Loaf $8.95

  • Redstart staff favorite. A sourdough pan loaf with rye porridge folded in. Very hefty and well seasoned. Great for sandwiches or toast. Also, the perfect peanut butter and jelly bread. Truly the best bread in the world.