Crispy Pork Belly with Grits and Pepper Jam

Crispy Pork Belly w/ Grits & Pepper Jam


  • First, take everything out of the fridge. Ideally, all of the components of this dinner should be at room temperature or warmer.
  • Grits are best warmed in the vacuum sealed bag they are packed in in a pot of simmering water. Simmer on very low heat for about 15 minutes (or until they are warmed to a temperature of 165 degrees. They also do well in the microwave (and the bag is microwave safe).
  • Pork belly can be warmed either in a 375 degree oven (on a sheet pan) for about 15 minutes, or cooked in a frying pan like you would a piece of bacon.
  • To serve, first ladle grits into your intended serving vessel. Top with a spoonful of pepper jam (this is pretty salty, so don’t go overboard to start), marinated feta, kochkocha (green herb sauce), and slices of pork belly. Sprinkle herbs over the bowls, drizzle hot honey over everything, and squeeze a lemon wedge too.

INGREDIENTS: pork belly, rosemary, salt, garlic, sugar, peppers, olive oil, basil, mint, parsley, tomato, grits, butter, cream, feta, aleppo pepper, serrano chili, spices, poblano, honey, smoked hot sauce (fresno chilies, vinegar, salt)