Merguez Meatballs w/ Labneh & Herbs


  • Meatballs are fully cooked. 
  • Either warm meatballs in the vacuum sealed pouch in which they are packed in a pot of steadily simmering water (for about 15 minutes), or bake in a 350 degree oven for about 15-25 minutes. If you bake these in a heavy cast iron pan, you will end up with a nicely carmelized exterior.
  • To plate, first spread the labneh in pleasant wave motions with the back of a spoon across the plate. Top with meatballs, harissa oil, and sesame seeds. Garnish everything with herbs and serve!

Beef, pork, union special sourdough, provolone, parsley, spices, garlic, egg, cream, labneh (dairy), harissa (chilies, vinegar, spices), olive oil, sesame, mint